Beautiful Babies

My friend’s friend’s wife had just given birth to a baby girl (congs), just like its meant to be (everybody was waiting for its arrival) we all do. Reason is simple, babies are always beautiful except in a few cases (no offence) now in the room where my friend’s friend’s wife was, there were a couple of other “new” mothers but like they say in luganda “ku mbaga teekubulako musiwuffu” which when translated to english means “at every wedding there is always a dirty person”, one mother was the “dirty person” at the “wedding!!” well, thing is she had given birth to a not soo beautiful baby. yes the baby was not even close to beautiful and as if to make that point clear her husband walked into the room, took a look at the baby, handed her whatever it was he had brought and came to celebrate with friend’s friend!! and yes that did not go down well with the “new” mother yes she demanded an explanation from him, she rioted asking if she was the one who had made the little human after all it looks like him she said.

Don’t Lose Market These Holidays.

Christmas holiday is around the corner and this should be a good time to stay on the market.
As you take a break from work you can get more people know about your products and whats good is you dont need to spend much. I’ve got a few ideas for business owners who want to gain more customers

  • Paid tweets.
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Spend more time with family and friends and still get more customers.
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Open Letter To Princess Komutale

Dear Princess, i saw last night you were trending on twitter and i asked a friend of mine what #komutale was all about thats when she sent me a link to your “facebook post”. I did not read the entire post but i have to say the first few lines were touching :(
We (ugandans) believe you are strong enough to come out ( “what doesnt kill you makes you stronger” ). Not everyone is going to like your decision but few of us pray that the lord gives you strength to overcome.
long live princess we got your back