How To Beat Boredom!

We all get bored at a point in time, but how we get over it is what matters! for starters boredom is that time when your brain is taking a nap! yes you cant come up with something important! when that time comes this is what you have to do! Read a book: not just any book a Bible works best yes they say God’s word never bores! Sleep: it doesnt matter if you got bored at 6 A.M just go back to bed, by the time you wake up, you will be fine! Do house chores! start with the dishes and end with washing the roof of your house, Dont watch T.V: yes T.V in most cases adds on ones already existing boredom! Read my blogs: yes read, comment, share, and subscribe that should beat the boredom for the rest of your days and you may want to start with this one you are reading. Now if you still get bored after doing the above then i recommend you see a pastor to pray for you, atleast that never fails but if it does go vist your village and clear things up!


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