Lessons From “Bad Black”

Shanitah aka Bad Black was yesterday found guilty of fraud ( i expected this ) and nothing could save her not even her stories of how “she droped out of school to become a sex worker!” yes she said all that thinking court would have mercy on her! but no they didnt buy it!. so what do we learn from Bad Black? Lesson 1: Dont trust humans! yes for starters its her “boy friend” David Greenhalgh who filed the case! but it didnt stop him from going intimate with her out side court! even kissin him in public did not change his mind about the case thats how “heartless and insenstive” he is Lesson 2: The law doesn’t care if you spent of 3 million dollar in buying drinks for your “friends” you will still go down.! am sure Black thought she was investing in the economy. poor her lesson 3 Spend stolen money wisely, Black is an idiot! yes i said it you steal money and take all of it to clubs! really? am sure when she comes out of prison she will wish she had saved half, so ladies spending yo man’s money there you have it.


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