Yeah Its Raining

If you went through my “Showering in the rain” then you know how much i love it when it rains!! am already getting ready to “jump in” no pants no shirt and off i go! well while am happy to see the rain, some other people around kampala ( bwaise, kawempe katwe and others ) are cut off from the city. well sorry for them but this boy here is loving the rain, looking outside the window i can see Natasha my childhood friend is already “enjoying the fun” well i cant wait to finish this so i can go join her. Think she spotted me getting a glance at her and she is moving towards the house, am just loving this, yes the rain isnt stoping soon and hey the fun is just getting started. Wait these bu kids around the hood are also coming to join? who called them huh? better get them out of here before they ruin my “date under the rain”. what else do you call a male and female “chilling” outside under the rain? am getting two cold drinks for me and Natasha and hey i have to go before she changes her mind (she hates waiting)


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