Living Young and Wild and Free!

What is living YWF ( Young, wild and free ) lets ask wiz khalifa….. “its getting drunk, not sleeping, going out without caring who sees!” thank you Mr. khalifa here with me i got another “celeb” who wants to answer the question, yes Mr snoop whats you take?…. “give me the light so i can light up!”.. But Mr snoop let me ask you isnt that a bad example to the kids?. Well nigga this is me, this is us! ok thank you wiz and snoop. Seriously i hate that song ( especially when i tell my kid bro to do something ). The lyrics are fake! the video is fake i dont know about the people in it, but i love bruno mars and wiz, guess its just another song gone bad ( like a** back home by gmy class heroes ) i heard they made “kids” versions! young wild and free without those “not so good” lines and a** back home turned to self back home! but what were they thinking when making the “version de adulte”? were they in there mind? well i have no clue but what ever gave them such lyrics gave them double work ( 1 song 2 versions )


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