Chinesse Products

Its no doubt that chinesse products have been branded “fake” all around the world. I have heard some people say “you are soo fake even china denied making you!” but even with these facts china has gone on to make almost “everything”, this is a fact almost everything i own is “made in china” from my cup to my underwear! but are all “made in china” things fake?. I think the answer is a yes and no! while chinesse make lots of fake things from i phones to nokia phones, you can’t deny chinesse make some really cool products. chinesse firms like huawie have got to be known as world class technology gaints coming in the same class as other big names like T~Mobile and Nokia. If you have seen china made fireworks, you will agree they are above America’s phantom fireworks and British Manchester fireworks! but if you still doubt the quality of china made goods then you have not seen thier sound system products! firms like yamaha are leading in this area coming close to America’s KORG.There you have it china makes it all


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