Morning Woes

I hate mornings, i hate waking up, i hate my dreams being cut short but what i hate most is my sister and brother waking me up to take them to school, young kids make alot of noise. We all hate mornings dont we? i spent a night at a friends place and his smart phone alarm went off at 6 AM but it wasn’t the kind of alarm that could make one throw away his sheets and run to the bathroom! no it was chris brown saying ”too much light in ma window, dont wake me up!” really why would anyone have such an alarm tone?!. come to think of it why do we hate mornings? should i say we enjoy sleeping? is that it? now its 5 A.M and here i am press my phone like a mad man cant stand the noise these kids are making and cant go back to bed because i have to drop them to school. Today my hate for mornings is high because its raining and we all know the best time to “catch” sleep is when its raining! now here i am staring at the window and think what was i dreaming about?. And dont even think of branding me lazy am watching you!


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