Woo… Am Back To Cartoons

When i was 4yrs i loved PowerPuff Girls. For starters PowerPuff Girls are 3 girls with “super powers” they fight crime and kick bad guy butts. It was one of the first Cartoons i got to watch but along the way, my love for cartoons went down thanks to some annoying cartoons that were being produced things like “Ed, Edd and Eddy” sucked sorry to the creators but i never enjoyed these 3 nut cases! fastforward close to ten years later am loving cartoons being produced, creators like “Man of Action” the creator of Ben10 and Generator Rex is leading the game, his works are so good no kid in this era (except a few) doesnt know who Ben10 is! Now this is the kind of work that gets back the old me, i have no problem watching Ben 10 all day! other “projects” having a good time include Phineas and Ferb ( this one gives any geek a run for his money) , Angelo Rules cant be ignored when you watch it you will never miss any strategy this kid is good others are Adventure times, courage the cowardly dog and…no! number limit


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