Furi Furi Dance

If you have been watching “Rauka on citizen T.V” then you have seen them do the “furi furi dance” if you haven’t seen it, i suggest you dash over to youtube and see how its done but before you open another tab (youtube), you need to know “furi furi dance” is just another song with “branded” dance strokes just like Cali Swagg’s “Teach Me How To Dougie” or Eddie Kenzo’s “Stamina” unlike stamina and the dougie, furi furi dance is a gospel song(talk of a Godly dance move). Furi Furi dance is soo good that it had to get a remix! yes folks wanted more furi furi and as if to take it to everyone the remix has a verse for each age group (a verse done by a young girl, then a youth and a no so old man). I know you are wondering what “furi furi” means, well i also don’t know! but who cares what it means? what matters is the beat, right?. Reminds me of back at high school when kids danced to daddy yanke’s “paso reggea tone” no one knew latin but they danced anyway. mobile wordpress number limit, i have to go happy weekend


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