Ebola is a contagious disease that kills so fast, it is spread by coming into contact with a person or animal suffering from or dead of Ebola. Its reported that Ebola was first reported in Congo along river Ebola thus the name, however since the first Ebola case in 1970s or 80s no cure or vaccines have been found. Its also said the first Ebola victim could have got it from an animal believed to have been a monkey. Signs of Ebola include; High fever, bleeding from body openings such as nose among others and body pains. To avoid Ebola, avoid public places, avoid shaking hands with people, persons dead of Ebola should be handled with a strong protective gear and burried within a short time, avoid “feasts” at fenerals of Ebola victims and last but not least wash your hands with soap and water after handling an Ebola victim. What to do in case of an Ebola outbreak in your area; Report to the nearest health worker! May the souls of the victims REST IN PEACE.


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