Uganda At 50

On 9th October 1962, the Union Jack that represented British rule in Uganda was raised down and the Uganda National flag rose to the sky! with its bright and beautiful colours BLACK, YELLOW, RED. Fast forward to 2012 celebrations are in high gear waitin for 9th october, but what are we really celebrating? 50 years down the road of freedom the streets for kampala are still filled with rubbish! and someone blames Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA)!!. KCCA has played its part placing bins in almost every part of kampala but some country men and women think its easier to throw plastic bottles by the roadside than it is to throw in the bins!. At 50, we still have those people who think stealin government drugs is cool, and those MPs who earn over 15 millions and a teacher gets 250,000 shs! what happened to our motto “For God and my country”? huh? however that aside Uganda remains the pearl of Africa with beautiful people and places, amazing bloggers, awesome fashion industry and night life!


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