Open Letter To A Ugandan

Dear Sir/madam Mr/miss, Today i was walking around kampala and saw soo many street kids, they were too many that i could hardly count them! but what are these kids doing here? can’t each of you take one kid home? Street kids aside, i went to buy malaria drugs and this nurse charged me 6000 shs thats about US 2$ but the drug had a government seal “NOT FOR SALE property of Ugandan government” Yes i had been robbed by a fellow ugandan!! And yesterday i bought a loaf of bread that was rotten, looks like every one wants to play a dirty game huh? a few weeks ago a man was arrested selling sand in properly sealed cement bags! whats the bottom line? You thugs are giving us the “good” Ugandans a bad image! even the president used comments like “Ugandans are thieves”! you think its cool huh? well NO we the “clean” Ugandans are tired of it and we are not taking this nosense anymore. Yours faithfull CLEAN UGANDAN BLOGGER


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