Geeks are those annoying people who know soo much yet soo little and they dont wish to share their knowledge!! You will find geeks always doing something on their ipads, galaxy tabs or htc devices, when the geeks have to do something for you, they will do what it takes to make sure you think what they do is hard even when its not. Take an example “a few months back i moved into an Airtel uganda service centre to have my m-mobile china made phone connected to the internet, stood in the line for 1 hour and when i was next, the geek said “isn’t this i chinesse phone? sorry but these things don’t browse the internet” so i asked what then does this app named web do? he replied to get buyers who dont know anything like you! so what should i do i asked and while shouting “next” he said, throw it away and get a better phone, little did the geek know am also a geek so i said no sir this is why am studing I.T two minutes later my m-mobile was tweetin and an application at the managers desk, “I deserve his job” it read!


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