Kiprotich wins Uganda’s first medal in 40 years!

London olympic came to an end, and it had to uganda’s national anthem to close the games! for the past 40 years, the ugandan flag and anthem had been in the dark, yes no one had ever done the country proud at the games! and these olympics almost felt the same till kiprotich changed that on the last day of the games.. Just when the ugandans had lost hope he came from God knows where to pick a medal, not just any medal but a Gold medal… Its a fact that over 70 % of ugandans didn’t know who kiprotich was (me inclusive) but who cares? we all know him now! ugandans have already put aside over “500,000” $ for him hope he really gets the money. I should say the Gold medal is what we need to mark our coming 50th independence. For God and my country. Am proud to be a ugandan and i hope kony watched the games and has given up the war and ready to come home


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