First let me thank God for this year, now unlike everyone else, i will not wait for 31st december to look at how i faired in 2012 so its going to be now or never…. Well am going to say 2012 has been one great year ( take the “great” part seriously ) for me even if it had its short comings here and there but hey… I like to remember only the good parts!! Ok done with the crap now the reason for this post….
2012 has seen me take on a task… Learnin a new language… Yes i did take french classes and i must say i cant die of hunger in a french speaking country because i can be able to ask for food!!!
Food aside… I was able to study a course i have always wanted ( computer science ) i have not completed it yet but pray and believe that i will.
Also this year i wanted to make an impact on people and i guess i did, starting up a fashion page on facebook and twitter with 2 great female friends and a mobile as well as a website for the page.
I also did meet great friends both at school and online. These people made my year and i wouldnt trade them for anything in the world.
I would love to go on but my fingers hurt i have been updating my status all day. Good night and Merry christmas or should i say joyeux noël tout le monde.


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