An Open Letter To The World leaders.

There is alot going on in the lives of over 7 billion people in the world and yet you act like you can’t see it! Reports by BBC say the people in Sudan have been “reduced” to eating Roots and Leaves yet we say we have organisations like the World Food Program ( W.F.P ) why isn’t anyone helping?. While you sit in your “cool” offices the people out here are being “choked” by pollution yet you do nothing because the industries bring in billions of money! Some of you are soo “heartless” that even when your country people are living under POVERTY you own large estates in several places!! And we have the African leaders who think no one else can lead their country so they stay in power like they own it! This is not fair to us and we want change! Disclaimer These are not words of the blogger but voices of 7 billion people in the different parts of the world


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