How To “SAVE” 100 $ This Valentine’s Day.

So tomorrow is Valentine’s day? for starters valentine’s day is the day you show love to someone special ( valentine ) also if you must know its the day you get to spend for what you didn’t budget for!! how? (you may ask). You have to buy her flowers, ice cream, chris adam’s active woman, take her to the movies and then to a “romantic candle lite dinner” yeah no jokes man! And this time round that babe from zambia Mampi is in town for a concert so she keeps saying “omg Mampi is in uganda, i love that babe can we go see her?” You can’t say no to that “DUDE ITS VALENTINE’S FOR CRYING OUT LOUD” is what she says if you turn her down. But the economy is bad! So whats the plan?!. Tell her you want to cook for her to show her how much you love her, that way you won’t have to eat out, Invite her to a romantic movie at home instead of cineplex garden city last but not least tell her “listening to Jason Marz just the two of you is better than going to Mampi’s show!” There you have it save 100 $ 🙂 HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY


3 thoughts on “How To “SAVE” 100 $ This Valentine’s Day.”

  1. Absolutely correct, I have spent alot of money for buying gift like perfumes,flower, and taking her out for dinner and yet that was not my budget. Pliz friend be very careful in next year’s valentine day so that you don’t fall in trap.

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