Cadimella Uganda’s First Space Observer.

Uganda is doing well in technology, only few months back students of MUK uganda’s biggest university realised “win-senga” a windows app that could monitor a child’s growth in the mother’s belly, also Kira EV an electric car that caused even car gaints toyota to send “spys” to uganda ( according to a local newspaper ) and now the latest development is the Cadimella which was revealed by Capt. Chris Nsamba the C.E.O and founder of the African Space Research Program ( ASRP ). Nsamba revealed that they were going to send a mouse to space and if it comes back alive, they would build a new space observer that a person can use. Cadimella can be tracked by satellite in case it lands in another country. It also comes with self defence, anti time missiles that protect it from being hit by missiles. Cadimella also has cameras that will take pictures of uganda from space and other features on the planet, a thermometer and global positioning system trackers. cadimella will aslo pick dust molecules for laboratory research


3 thoughts on “Cadimella Uganda’s First Space Observer.”

  1. Cadimella is a hoax. It is an aluminum rat-cage with enough solar panel on it to generate perhaps 5 watts of electric power: insufficient to operate any motherboard that I’ve ever heard of. The solar panels and the P2 12V ribbon connector are likely there just for show. If a video camera and/or a GPS ascends with Cadimella, they will be powered by batteries.

    The launch system is a helium balloon, and it appears that Mr. Nsamba is having difficulty securing one, which is why he’s asking for large government grants and donations from people worldwide. Cadimella will not reach orbit, nor will it even enter space on a ballistic trajectory. It will, if it ever gets off the ground at all, rise to about 30 km altitude, whereupon the balloon will burst from the reduced ambient pressure and fall—possibly on a parachute—back to the ground.

    Western children do for 8th grade science projects what the African Space Research Program only might do. If they get enough money. Most of what you are hearing about Cadimella are lies intended to convince gullible people to give Chris Nsamba money. Some of the lies are absolutely ridiculous, such as the one about Cadimella’s “missile defense” system. It has no such thing. it won’t collect space molecules. It won’t search for asteroids, either. All these claims are outrageous lies that these Ugandan swindlers think Westerners will believe.

    Black people have an odd attitude, which seems best described as a belief that the illusion of ability is as good as the real thing. You find that attitude in Haiti as well as in Africa. You will observe that among whites “outer space” begins above the atmosphere, at about 100 km altitude, but among blacks it is thought to begin above the treetops at about 100 meters altitude. Such reduced standards! Yet they want equal credit.

    You will also have noticed have seriously the Ugandans are taking their toy “space probe,” pretending that it is just the cutting edge in aerospace technology, and that they are all very smart people for being able to put it together. (According to “IQ and the Wealth of Nations,” the average IQ of the people of Uganda is only 73.)

    Compare ASRP’s Cadimella with a real space-launch system like SpaceX’s Falcon 9.

    There’s another African technology hoax going around just now, regarding three Nigerian girls—or four male Nigerian students, depending on which version of the story you hear—who allegedly developed an electric generator that runs on urine. The way the Africans tell it, you just pour the urine in one side and get lots of energy out the other side. What they omit from the story (as if there were any chance a Westerner wouldn’t think of it for himself) is that you must use more energy getting the hydrogen from the urea than you can recover afterward by burning the hydrogen. Frauds about black technical achievement usually depend on their audience being too stupid to see the obvious omissions.

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