How VPNs work

Virtaul Private Networks (VPNs) allow you to connect to your Local Area Network over the internet from anyway for example if you work in Europe and you are on a trip to Africa you can print your work using your office printer in Europe, how does this happen? Well you have VPN server software on your office server and VPN client software on your laptop or computer you are using, when you login to your VPN client software the server will look at your username and password if its in its database, well access granted you can act like you are in the office. And the better part whatever you do is secured, VPN creates a tunnel and encrypts your connection if a hacker tries a “man in the middle” attack the entire tunnel shuts down and a new tunnel is created. However you don’t want to use VPN if your office has slow internet connection (upload speed) you wont love the time it will take to pull your files from your office servers to you


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